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That Recurring Feeling

Treatment of endometriosis is not an exact science. A medication that works well to relieve the symptoms for one person, may have no...

Testing Times

One of the main priorities in endo research is the development of new diagnostic tests. Despite improved awareness over the last few...

What's in a Name

Does endometriosis need to be diagnosed? This may seem like an obvious question, yet there are still a few people, even within the...

Endometriosis - The Basics

This is a blogpost I’ve been meaning to do for a while now. In this blog I mostly write about specific research with a pretty narrow...



Dr Matthew Rosser

I have over 15 years experience researching endometriosis, endometrial cancer and fibroids. During this time I have       noticed that whilst research is regularly published on               endometriosis very little is reported accurately to the public in mainstream media. This blog aims to educate and inform anyone who wishes to learn more about the science and research into endometriosis.